Freitag, 13. Februar 2009

Philip is free

Wednesday February 11th, 4:00amPhilip is out, he is safe and home with his family.He requests that all upcoming planned protests and marches still take place to end siege on Gaza.More details to come soon.Please do not call the family members at this time.Monday Feb. 9th 7:15 pmThis afternoon it was discovered that the secret police were at Philip and Jeannette Rizk’s residence, most likely while the family home was being searched in the early morning hours. Philip's hard drives, cameras, iPod, as well as several boxes of books, including both intellectual and material property are missing from the apartment. No money was taken.The intruders used Philip’s key to get into the apartment, and left it behind on a desk. At this point it is unclear what they were looking for. Although no “incriminating” evidence of any sort could possibly be found –as none exists– the impunity with which personal property was taken is deeply disturbing.

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